Using rewrite in IIS (express) to avoid path-struggle when using Sencha Cmd within ASP.NET MVC

If you’re using Sencha Cmd (you should!) you are aware of the indexHtmlPath-setting in app.json. In a current project there is a special case feature which requires an execution inside a newly opened window which then has a different url-segment: http://localhost/special-function/ compared to http://localhost/ for the “normal featured” application. The paths generated by Sencha Cmd […]

Creating a 7-zip-archive as deployment artifact with grunt and grunt-shell

In certain development projects you’re not given direct access to the production systems of the customer to allow an automated deployment via standard tools. Instead it is required to have some kind of “artifact” that can be transferred to the customer and allows the deployment there. The following grunt-task does this as a part of […]