Configure the symfony-mailer (swiftmailer) during runtime

One of my current projects is a multi-client environment. Each client has its own smtp-settings for the mailings that are done within that application. From static … Symfony allows the configuration of the mailer in its factories.yml. There smtp-settings can be definied. But in this case this is impossible as every client has different smtp-settings […]

Problems with default values in Propel

Default values rule! I’m using Propel 1.2 (an upgrade will be done soon) but for other people out there … Consider the following declaration-fragment for the “Foo-entity”. Nothing special here. <column name="name" type="VARCHAR" size="32" required="true" /> <column name="culture" type="CHAR" size="5" required="true" default="de_DE" /> Now if we create the new object and show the state (var_dump) […]

Translating the sfAssetLibraryPlugin using gettext instead of XLIFF

I’m using the sfAssetLibraryPlugin in one of my active projects. This project uses gettext for interface translation. The plugin ships with XLIFF-files for interface translation. In order to get gettext working simply create the required directories inside the plugin-directory (plugins/sfAssetLibraryPlugin/modules/sfAsset/i18n) and create a new catalog for each language (de, en, fr, …). The important thing […]

SQL-Join with multiple conditions when using Propel

Propels (Creole) “criteria infrastructure” is a great speed-up for the development process and makes it easy to “write” queries. However if you are forced to create a SQL-Join which requires multiple join-conditions the criteria-api is not a helper anymore. In order to make use of the criteria-api even in this case a “hack” can be […]