Problems with default values in Propel

Default values rule! I’m using Propel 1.2 (an upgrade will be done soon) but for other people out there … Consider the following declaration-fragment for the “Foo-entity”. Nothing special here. <column name="name" type="VARCHAR" size="32" required="true" /> <column name="culture" type="CHAR" size="5" required="true" default="de_DE" /> Now if we create the new object and show the state (var_dump) […]

SQL-Join with multiple conditions when using Propel

Propels (Creole) “criteria infrastructure” is a great speed-up for the development process and makes it easy to “write” queries. However if you are forced to create a SQL-Join which requires multiple join-conditions the criteria-api is not a helper anymore. In order to make use of the criteria-api even in this case a “hack” can be […]

Performance increase when using case-insensitive queries with Symfony, Propel and PostgreSQL

Symfony makes heavy use of Propel. Propel finds objects in the storage container using criteria. If you want to let Propel (okay the database) ignore the case you can set this in the criteria. $c = new Criteria ();   // Allow case sensitive searches $c->setIgnoreCase (true);   // Find all posts which name contains […]