How to speed up the deletion of large amounts of list items within SharePoint

If you have code which deletes a lot of items from a SharePoint list (“clear the list”) your best only friend is the ProcessBatchData-Method of the current SPWeb-object. Recycling will slow you down… Every item you delete will be stored in the recycle-bin of your site and later in the recycle-bin of your site-collection. …so […]

Performance increase when using case-insensitive queries with Symfony, Propel and PostgreSQL

Symfony makes heavy use of Propel. Propel finds objects in the storage container using criteria. If you want to let Propel (okay the database) ignore the case you can set this in the criteria. $c = new Criteria ();   // Allow case sensitive searches $c->setIgnoreCase (true);   // Find all posts which name contains […]

Bessere Performance unter Oracle-Forms 6i

Allgemein Um eine optimale Performance unter Oracle Forms 6i (auch höher) zu erzielen, ist es sinnvoll, den Source-Code von Triggern in Prozeduren oder/und in Packages zu hinterlegen. Bleibt der Source-Code im Trigger enthalten, ist festzustellen, dass die CPU jedesmal mit dem Parsen des Codes beschäftigt ist. Dies ist besonders dann kritisch, wenn zum Beispiel bei […]

Incredible performance increase with very large lists via “QuickView-Method”

Preface One of my SharePoint projects contains a (still growing) list with currently more than 230,000 items. These items represent positions of a quotation. So one “quotation-item” references multiple “position-items” (1:n relation). In order to have a user-friendly user interface I developed a custom webpart which allows a quick way of editing the positions of […]