Using rewrite in IIS (express) to avoid path-struggle when using Sencha Cmd within ASP.NET MVC

If you’re using Sencha Cmd (you should!) you are aware of the indexHtmlPath-setting in app.json. In a current project there is a special case feature which requires an execution inside a newly opened window which then has a different url-segment: http://localhost/special-function/ compared to http://localhost/ for the “normal featured” application. The paths generated by Sencha Cmd […]

Creating a 7-zip-archive as deployment artifact with grunt and grunt-shell

In certain development projects you’re not given direct access to the production systems of the customer to allow an automated deployment via standard tools. Instead it is required to have some kind of “artifact” that can be transferred to the customer and allows the deployment there. The following grunt-task does this as a part of […]

Re-Selecting the edited row in a grid after store reload/sync in extjs

The row-editing plugin is a great feature. If your grid has a lot of rows and you scrolled to a specific row, edited it and the store synced the changes you loose the focus on where you were. I simple fix is to “re-select” the edited row after the store has been synced. initComponent: function() […]

Bug with Internet Explorer and grid RowEditing-plugin when using scoped-theme

I came across this rare bug in the current development of a project. It makes heavy use of the RowEditing plugin of Extjs‘ grid. Because the Extjs environment is used within SharePoint 2010 I have to use the scoped theme to avoid “damage” to the SharePoint UI. After inserting a record into the grid via […]

How-to replace textarea-tags with simple div-tags including its content for a printing view

Today I was improving a printing-view of an application-page inside a project I’m working on. The “printing-mechanism” simply loads the page with a different symfony layout and includes custom css- and javascript-files which hide certain elements from the printing view. Unfortunately the page also contains textarea-elements which get scrollbars when the content is larger. This is […]