How to install postgres 8.4 on Debian 5 (lenny)

Because I didn’t found this information in one place I’m writing this quick “guide” on how to install PostgreSQL 8.4.x on Debian 5.x “lenny”. Debian lenny stable packages are bundled with Postgres 8.3.x but thanks to Debian Backports the newer Postgres version is available for lenny. Simply do it Add the backports-sources (/etc/apt/sources.list) and update […]

Server Type “complete” is missing when installing Office SharePoint Server 2007 on Windows 7 or Windows Vista

I really like Windows 7! As I am a SharePoint developer I was happy that (thanks to Bamboo) one can install SharePoint on Vista and Windows 7. After I figured out why my first installation try went wrong I hit another strange issue. When installing MOSS you have to choose which role your server is […]

[Tool] EventReceiver-Installer for SharePoint

I just created a simple tool that allows the easy installation (and deletion) of EventReceiver-Definitions with SharePoint. It’s a stand-alone tool written in C# and it must be executed on the Server that runs SharePoint. The tool is named “EventReceiver-Installer” and is now in Version 1.0 1.1. Features Browse web-applications Categorized view of EventReceivers Deletion […]