Redirecting from NewForm.aspx to DispForm.aspx after creating a new item

The requirement Recently a simple requirement came up: “Redirect the user to the view-form of an item after he creates a new item”. Sounds simple, right? … The default behavior of SharePoint is to redirect the user to the url defined by the Source-parameter. If this parameter is not given the default view (mostly AllItems.aspx) […]

[Tool] EventReceiver-Installer for SharePoint

I just created a simple tool that allows the easy installation (and deletion) of EventReceiver-Definitions with SharePoint. It’s a stand-alone tool written in C# and it must be executed on the Server that runs SharePoint. The tool is named “EventReceiver-Installer” and is now in Version 1.0 1.1. Features Browse web-applications Categorized view of EventReceivers Deletion […]