Fixing “Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object” when using SSRS ReportViewer in ASP.Net MVC

So I’ve included the SSRS ReportView control within my ASP.Net MVC application. So far so good. Just displaying the report works fine after struggeling with the dimensions of the iframe and the ReportViewer control itself. But after a more complex drill-through report was display and then clicking the actions caused the famous error “Operation is […]

Solving NULL values are recognized as text-values within dynamic queries in PostgresSQL

I’ve written a dynamic query which is finally executed via EXECUTE my_dynamic_query; The query contained a select list in which two columns should always be NULL. — … stuff before dynamic_select_cols := ‘,, null AS theAlias1, null AS theAlias2, tbl2.foo2’; — … stuff after combining the dynamic queries EXECUTE my_dynamic_query;– … stuff before dynamic_select_cols […]

Fixing “error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.”

One of my development systems is running on Debian Lenny (no this one does not host SharePoint). After update the system via apt-get update something went wrong and “core services” (samba, ssh) were out of order. It seems this is a bug in the packages provided by Debian. After struggling for a while a simple […]

Fixing TYPOlight-error #145 – Table ‘./tl_search’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired

Today a website of a customer running with TYPOlight stopped working. The friendly “there is an error”-message appeared. Even the administration-backend was not working anymore. Enabling the “display-error” setting revealed that there was a database-problem (perhaps due to a crash of mysql). #145 – TABLE ‘./tl_search’ IS marked AS crashed AND should be repaired#145 – […]

Value too long error in PostgreSQL inside a plpgsql-function

In an application I am working on I recently found errors in the applications log file. Value too long for type character varying(64)Value too long for type character varying(64) Within a function (written with plpgsql) a dynamic query is built and executed via sql-EXECUTE. The error PostgreSQL gives me stated out that the error was […]