Bug with Internet Explorer and grid RowEditing-plugin when using scoped-theme

I came across this rare bug in the current development of a project. It makes heavy use of the RowEditing plugin of Extjs‘ grid. Because the Extjs environment is used within SharePoint 2010 I have to use the scoped theme to avoid “damage” to the SharePoint UI. After inserting a record into the grid via […]

Updating existing lookup fields in SharePoint

Creating lookup-fields only via XML-Definition is not possible. You need the ID of the Web hosting the list and the ID of the list hosting the data the lookup field is connected to. This information can only be retrieved when both entities are created… Object model?! When looking into the SPFieldLookup-class you find the properties […]

With great power comes – PublishingWeb.DefaultPage

or at least the power of “Use Remote Interfaces – Use SOAP, Web DAV, or SharePoint Designer interfaces to access the Web site”. In a SharePoint project I’m working on it was necessary to get the default page of a publishing web in case where it differs from default.aspx.   In the environment the project […]

Do not use DateTimeField when displaying the date of your field

I have a “DateTime-field” inside a list which contains both date and time. In order to allow the user to edit this information inside the publishing page I used the Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.DateTimeField. If you only want to display that field-value you can simply use the ControlMode-property and set it to Display. If you want to display […]

Site-Definitions within SharePoint are useless!

Last week I nearly fell of my chair I was sitting on. I found a kb article filed under http://support.microsoft.com/kb/898631/en-us. This articles describes what is supported and what is not supported regarding site definitions within SharePoint. We do not support modifying a custom site definition or a custom area definition after you create a new […]