Using rewrite in IIS (express) to avoid path-struggle when using Sencha Cmd within ASP.NET MVC

If you’re using Sencha Cmd (you should!) you are aware of the indexHtmlPath-setting in app.json. In a current project there is a special case feature which requires an execution inside a newly opened window which then has a different url-segment: http://localhost/special-function/ compared to http://localhost/ for the “normal featured” application. The paths generated by Sencha Cmd […]

Reading the attribute-content of an html-element with extjs

A current project consists of an ASP.Net MVC application which “renders” its current version as an html-meta tag. <meta name="x-app-version" content="1.1.427.1616" /><meta name="x-app-version" content="1.1.427.1616" /> A requirement was to show this version (which is rendered server-side) on the login screen (which is a viewport containing panels and such). The following code does a selection (via […]

Fixing “Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object” when using SSRS ReportViewer in ASP.Net MVC

So I’ve included the SSRS ReportView control within my ASP.Net MVC application. So far so good. Just displaying the report works fine after struggeling with the dimensions of the iframe and the ReportViewer control itself. But after a more complex drill-through report was display and then clicking the actions caused the famous error “Operation is […]

Redirect from the OnException-method inside the controller with ASP.Net MVC

If your controller uses the HandleError-Attribute it handles exceptions thrown by action methods. I wanted to catch these exceptions and redirect to a custom error page. A simple RedirectToAction inside the OnException method does not work. But the ExceptionContext is all we need. #region Error handling protected override void OnException(ExceptionContext filterContext) { // Make use […]