Configure the symfony-mailer (swiftmailer) during runtime

One of my current projects is a multi-client environment. Each client has its own smtp-settings for the mailings that are done within that application. From static … Symfony allows the configuration of the mailer in its factories.yml. There smtp-settings can be definied. But in this case this is impossible as every client has different smtp-settings […]

Fixing TYPOlight-error #145 – Table ‘./tl_search’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired

Today a website of a customer running with TYPOlight stopped working. The friendly “there is an error”-message appeared. Even the administration-backend was not working anymore. Enabling the “display-error” setting revealed that there was a database-problem (perhaps due to a crash of mysql). #145 – TABLE ‘./tl_search’ IS marked AS crashed AND should be repaired#145 – […]

Solving utf-8-encoding-issues when connecting to oracle with php and oci8

In a recent project of mine a web-application is developed. This application consumes “some data” from an enterprise Oracle database. The development environment has the latest oracle drivers installed. Everything works as expected. Even the connection-speed is very good. But then comes the deployment of that application. The production environment already runs for a while […]