Creating a 7-zip-archive as deployment artifact with grunt and grunt-shell

In certain development projects you’re not given direct access to the production systems of the customer to allow an automated deployment via standard tools. Instead it is required to have some kind of “artifact” that can be transferred to the customer and allows the deployment there. The following grunt-task does this as a part of […]

Reading the attribute-content of an html-element with extjs

A current project consists of an ASP.Net MVC application which “renders” its current version as an html-meta tag. <meta name="x-app-version" content="1.1.427.1616" /><meta name="x-app-version" content="1.1.427.1616" /> A requirement was to show this version (which is rendered server-side) on the login screen (which is a viewport containing panels and such). The following code does a selection (via […]

Re-Selecting the edited row in a grid after store reload/sync in extjs

The row-editing plugin is a great feature. If your grid has a lot of rows and you scrolled to a specific row, edited it and the store synced the changes you loose the focus on where you were. I simple fix is to “re-select” the edited row after the store has been synced. initComponent: function() […]