One possible reason for 0x81020014 when querying a list for items in SharePoint

If you get that “famous” error: One or more field types are not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete these fields.0x81020014 you are given absolutely no hint which field and whats wrong with your SPQuery.Query I’m always using SPBuildInFieldId with the FieldRef-statements for out-of-the-box fields so a typo was not the […]

Changing the page layout of a search result page via Powershell in SharePoint 2010

This is a “quick hack” to change the layout of a search result page. When the Publishing-Feature is disabled you are not able to change the layout via the UI. If you add a new page via “Create page” chances are high that you get a layout you don’t want. Powershell comes to the rescue […]

Bug with Internet Explorer and grid RowEditing-plugin when using scoped-theme

I came across this rare bug in the current development of a project. It makes heavy use of the RowEditing plugin of Extjs‘ grid. Because the Extjs environment is used within SharePoint 2010 I have to use the scoped theme to avoid “damage” to the SharePoint UI. After inserting a record into the grid via […]

Enable-SPFeature does not trigger the feature receiver

Today I encountered the same problem as stated in a blog post by Christopher Maish. When activating the feature via powershell the associated feature receiver was not called. Trying the suggested solution in the blog post drove me to the cause of this problem. When using stsadm I got an “access denied” error. I did […]

Using powershell to quickly debug SPSiteDataQuery

Writing CAML-Queries is still no fun. Even with SharePoint 2010… So you often need to test your queries before they actually work. In case you quickly want to test if your SPSiteDataQuery is correct you can use powershell to “debug” it. Just create an instance of the site-collection and target the root-web with your query-instance. […]