One possible reason for 0x81020014 when querying a list for items in SharePoint

If you get that “famous” error: One or more field types are not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete these fields.0x81020014 you are given absolutely no hint which field and whats wrong with your SPQuery.Query I’m always using SPBuildInFieldId with the FieldRef-statements for out-of-the-box fields so a typo was not the […]

Fixing “Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object” when using SSRS ReportViewer in ASP.Net MVC

So I’ve included the SSRS ReportView control within my ASP.Net MVC application. So far so good. Just displaying the report works fine after struggeling with the dimensions of the iframe and the ReportViewer control itself. But after a more complex drill-through report was display and then clicking the actions caused the famous error “Operation is […]

Using a dictionary to create dynamic elasticsearch-queries in .Net 3.5

In a current project a search based solution is required to allow a research against an existing set of records. Of course the search-backend is the elasticsearch. This projects requires the use of .Net 3.5 which makes it impossible to use NEST as elasticsearch client. To at least add a little bit of comfort when […]

Updating existing lookup fields in SharePoint

Creating lookup-fields only via XML-Definition is not possible. You need the ID of the Web hosting the list and the ID of the list hosting the data the lookup field is connected to. This information can only be retrieved when both entities are created… Object model?! When looking into the SPFieldLookup-class you find the properties […]