Clearing a grid without actually removing the data in Ext JS

The following code clears a grid (with its filters) from a view controller. Ext.define(’Foo.TehViewController’, { extend: ‘’, alias: ‘controller.tehViewController’,   clearData: function () { var me = this, view = me.getView();   view.getStore().clearFilter(true); view.getStore().removeAll(true); view.getView().refresh(); } }); This is only working if calling view.getView().refresh() otherwise the grid still displays the “old” data.

One possible reason for 0x81020014 when querying a list for items in SharePoint

If you get that “famous” error: One or more field types are not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete these fields.0x81020014 you are given absolutely no hint which field and whats wrong with your SPQuery.Query I’m always using SPBuildInFieldId with the FieldRef-statements for out-of-the-box fields so a typo was not the […]

Creating a 7-zip-archive as deployment artifact with grunt and grunt-shell

In certain development projects you’re not given direct access to the production systems of the customer to allow an automated deployment via standard tools. Instead it is required to have some kind of “artifact” that can be transferred to the customer and allows the deployment there. The following grunt-task does this as a part of […]

Reading the attribute-content of an html-element with extjs

A current project consists of an ASP.Net MVC application which “renders” its current version as an html-meta tag. <meta name="x-app-version" content="1.1.427.1616" /> A requirement was to show this version (which is rendered server-side) on the login screen (which is a viewport containing panels and such). The following code does a selection (via css-selector) of the […]

Communication is everything

A week ago I was reading the Sencha forums when a thread Is Sencha screwing single developers? got my attention. The thread starter stated out that the option to buy single developer pack for Ext JS (or Sencha complete) was gone. Only packs of five licenses (+support) are available via the store right now. Wait? […]