Fixing “error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.”

One of my development systems is running on Debian Lenny (no this one does not host SharePoint). After update the system via apt-get update something went wrong and “core services” (samba, ssh) were out of order.

It seems this is a bug in the packages provided by Debian. After struggling for a while a simple

apt-get install libkrb53 --reinstall

fixed the problem and everything works again.


  • Russ

    Hey, thanks! I got that same error message this evening. I tried what you recommended; it worked.

  • Eric Bartels

    @Russ I’m glad I could help :-)

  • stanio

    thanx a lot!

  • fak3r

    Thanks, just had this error on a box I was logged into remotely, had the onsite admin try a few things then I found this and that fixed it! Thanks for sharing, glad to find/use it.

  • VL

    Thank you very much. It did resolve a similar problem.