Workaround for Ext JS store-sync-callback not called when no modifications took place

Somewhere back in time the ``-sync method got a callback-option which is called when the sync-operation completes. But this callback is not executed if there are no modifications to the store (no add, no delete, no update). Which seems a bit odd imho. If the codes relies on the callback beeing always executed whent the […]

Disable float/numberic filter input inside an Ext JS grid with the gridfilters-plugin

When using the ootb gridfilters-plugin inside the Ext JS grid this: { text: ‘teh Number’, width: 80, sortable: true, dataIndex: ‘id’, filter: ‘number’ } results in this: So all input is treated as float / numeric values. In my case I’d like to have only integer values and additionally get rid of the trigger-arrows. My […]

Creating a synonym for a MYSQL-linked server within SQL Server 2008 and above

In a current project it was a requirement to setup synonyms for tables that reside in a MySQL database. This MySQL database was added as “linked server” into SQL Server (via ODBC). If you do this for other SQL Server objects the syntax is like so CREATE SYNONYM app.EX_tbl_foobar FOR [LinkedServerName].[dbname].[schema].[tbl_foobar]; The problem was to […]

Localizing the row-editor buttons via overrides and Sencha Cmd

If you are using the RowEditing plugin in your grid you are used to the “Update” and “Cancel” buttons. But localization for “de” is missing. So I did them myself using the overrides-folder of my application. I create a file RowEditor within the subfolder grid inside the overrides-folder itself. I dropped this code (note: the […]